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New Pathfinder Release (charts now in colour)

Monday 10 December 2018


In this release, the strategy summary charts are now colourful and we've added a new 'Strategy overview' template.

Useful links

New colourful charts (popular request!)

The default colour scheme for charts is now colourful (changed from the previous grey scale scheme):

This change is in the results in a few places:

  • In the Results > Strategy Summary step

  • At the Results > Documents step, on the Download buttons, any templates where a colour isn't explicitly mentioned will use the default colourful scheme

    • Grey scale versions of the Strategy Paper and SOA foundation document will continue to be available - these will be marked with 'grey'. e.g. Strategy paper(grey)

Please note that the charts at the Results > Compare step are unchanged, but you can look forward to them being more colourful - and putting them in documents - in a future release.

New 'Strategy Overview' results document

In the Results > Documents, section,  there is now a 'Strategy Overview' document that contains less information than the strategy paper and is useful for client meetings where you just want to focus on the bigger picture.

Click here to download a sample strategy overview document (note: this sample is in PDF format, but in Pathfinder it's in MS Word format).

Comparison of content for the 'Strategy Paper' and 'Strategy Overview' documents


Strategy Paper

Strategy Overview

Document orientation



Title page



Table of contents



Adviser details



Strategy summary (with optional charts)



Action items






Cash flows detailed report



Full set of detailed reports



Steps to download the new Strategy Overview document:

  1. Go to the Results > Documents step

  2. By default, charts will be included in your documents, we recommend keeping this

  3. Click the Download strategy paper button and then click Strategy Overview. This will downlaod the document id MS word format.  For more, see How to download results into a document (Strategy Paper, SOA (Statement of Advice) Foundation document, Strategy Comparison)

Notes for existing users

These changes will be available as soon as you log in. There's no need to re-solve your cases to see the the colourful charts or the new document templates.

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