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Pathfinder release (Personal Income Tax Plan 2018 threshholds released)

25 June 2018

The Optimo Team is pleased to announce that the new tax bracket thresholds from the Personal Income Tax Plan 2018 have now been released to Pathfinder.  This release covers the changes to tax rates from 2018/19 onwards and the removal of the 37% bracket from 2024/25, however the the low and middle income tax offsets are not included, yet.  For more information about the bill, see the parliamentary website.

To get new results for any of your current cases in Pathfinder:

  1. Log in to Pathfinder:

  2. If you have older results that you’d like to keep for reference, either:

    1. Download a strategy paper

    2. Copy and rename the scenario. E.g. ‘Scenario 1 (new rules)’. And make sure you don’t rename the scenario with the old results.

  3. Get your new results: Click the Start solve button – this will create results with the new thresholds

  4. If you have been working on multiple scenarios, it’s best to solve them all again to ensure that they consistently using the same tax rules.

The low and middle income tax offset and the new low income tax offset, which are also part of the Personal Income Tax Plan, will be released soon.

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