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Technical update: AWOTE & Cash returns (Ui-te-Rangiora v3)

8 March 2022

Release overview

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Technical updates

Cash returns

The returns for Cash, held both inside and outside of super, have been adjusted upwards in the short term. For cash held in the accumulation phase of super, a multiplication factor of 0.85 is applied to the returns.



Cash returns

2022 to 2026 = 0.1

2027 = 1.7 

2022 = 0.1

2023 = 0.5

2024 = 1.0

2025 and onwards = 1.7


On 24 February 2022, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the AWOTE figure for the 12 month period between November 2020 and November 2021; a 2.150% increase from the prior 12 months. The AWOTE figure used in Pathfinder for 2021 has been adjusted accordingly.




2021 = 2.25

2021 = 2.15

Notes for existing users

Please refresh your results for active cases

The changes below will apply to all cases with scenarios that are solved on or after 8 March 2022 (irrespective of the case creation date).  If your scenario was solved before this date, click โ€˜Start solveโ€™ again to update your results, ensuring all scenarios are using the same technical details. For more information, see How to check when your results were created.

For the updated assumptions, any cases you started before the release date will continue with the previous assumptions. Any cases you create after the release date will have the old assumptions.

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