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Technical Update: CPI and AWOTE (Wanderwell v2)

30 August 2022

Release overview

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Pathfinder's CPI and AWOTE assumptions have been updated, based on the latest Treasury and RBA forecasts.


Current value

New value


2022: 6

2023 to 2025: 3

2026 onwards: 2.5

2022: 7.8

2023: 4.0

2024: 3.0

2025 onwards: 2.5


2022: 3

2023 to 2025: 3.5

2026 onwards: 3

2022: 3.5

2023: to 2024: 3.75

2025 onwards: 3.5

Notes for existing users

Please refresh your results for active cases

If you have any existing cases in progress, please refresh your results by clicking the Start Solve button for any scenarios where you created results on or before the release date of Tuesday 30 August 2022. This will ensure that all your scenarios are consistent. Note that the numbers in your results may change when you re-solve, but it is better to be consistent across scenarios. If you are unsure when your results were created, see .

For the updated assumptions, any cases you started before the release date will continue with the previous assumptions. Any cases you create after the release date will have the new assumptions.

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