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Technical Update: New tax Thresholds Released

8 July 2019

This change will apply to all results in all cases that are solved on or after 8 July 2019 (irrespective of the case creation date).  If your scenario was solved before 8 July, you can update your results by clicking 'Start solve' again (for more information, see How to check when your results were created).

The "Tax relief so working Australians keep more of their money" bill was was passed by Parliament on 4 July 2019, so these amendments have been implemented in Pathfinder.  The changes affect:

  • Income tax rates for individuals

  • Low income tax offset (LITO)

  • Low and middle income tax offset (LAMITO)

In the modelling changes for 2019/20, plus any legislated changes in future years have been applied.

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