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Technical update: Pension rates & supplements, Aged care fees (Tasman v7)

6 October 2021 (Tamsan v7)

Release overview

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Don't forget to refresh your case results

The changes below will apply to all cases with scenarios that are solved on or after 5 October 2021 (irrespective of the case creation date).  If your scenario was solved before this date, click โ€˜Start solveโ€™ again to update your results, ensuring all scenarios are using the same technical details. For more information, see How to check when your results were created.

Technical update

Pension rates & supplements

Pension rates & supplements have been updated in accordance with the new figures published in 'A guide to Australian Government payments 20 September 2021 to 31 December 2021'. These include increases in fortnightly pension, supplement, and energy supplement payments to singles and couples.

Aged care fees

Aged care fees have been updated in accordance with the new figures published in the 'Schedule of Fees and Charges for Residential and Home Care: From 20 September 2021'. These include increases to all means testing thresholds and care fee caps for both home and residential care, along with a slightly lower maximum permissible interest rate.

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