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How to 'buy' more cases in the Pathfinder sandbox

NOTE: this only works for the sandbox. If you are prompted to pay in Production please Contact Optimo Financial , and we can give you some free cases.

In the Pathfinder Sandbox, if you click the 'Add new case' button on the home page, and you are taken to a payment page, you can use the following fake credit card details:

  1. Card number: 4444 3333 2222 1111 (i.e. 4321 with each digit repeated 4 times)

  2. Name on card: anything you like

  3. Expiry date: any future date

  4. CCV: any 3 digits

Once you have 'paid', you can click the 'Add new case' button on the home page and it will add the case without prompting you for payment.

If you sign up for a subscription and you would like to cancel it (e.g. because you don't want to get emails about it), please see

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