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How to cancel a subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but the cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current subscription period.

To cancel your paid subscription:

  1. Log in to Pathfinder:

  2. Click your name on the top right

  3. In the drop down menu, click Manage account

And then on the Manage account page:

  1. Click on the blue button with ‘Current Subscription’ (on the right of the page), then select 'Cancel subscription'

  2. Then follow the prompts in the pop-up window to confirm your cancellation

Please note:

  • If your organisation has multiple log ins, only the login that paid for the subscription can cancel the subscription. If you need assistance with this, please Contact Optimo Financial

  • To ensure that your next payment does not go ahead, you must cancel at least the day before the subscription renewal date shown on your Manage account page

  • After you cancel, but before your subscription period ends, you will still be able to edit cases and add new ones.

  • After your subscription period ends, you will not be able to:

    • Edit cases added from subscriptions. All your cases will be locked.

    • Add new cases.

  • If you have a trial subscription, then you don’t need to cancel it. The trial will end after 14-days and no further action is required.

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