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How to cancel a subscription

You can tell us that you would like to cancel your subscription at any time, but the cancellation will only take effect at the end of your current subscription period. You must tell us you want to cancel your subscription at least one day before the renewal date.

To cancel your paid subscription:

  • At least one day before your subscription renewal payment is charged, please email and say that you would like to cancel your subscription. Please note that more than one day’s notice is preferred. Please contact us using the email address that was used to subscribe to Pathfinder (or cc this email on your request), so we know you have the authority to cancel.

  • We will reply to your email to confirm that your subscription has been cancelled and confirm the last active day of your subscription (which will be the same as your original renewal date)

  • You can continue to add and edit cases until the last active day of your subscription. After that, you will no longer be able to add or edit cases.

Please note:

  • To ensure that your next payment does not go ahead, you must cancel at least the day before the subscription renewal date. This date is shown on your Manage account page

  • After you cancel, but before your subscription period ends, you will still be able to edit cases and add new ones.

  • After your subscription period ends, you will not be able to:

    • Edit cases added from subscriptions. All your cases will be locked.

    • Add new cases.

  • If you have a trial subscription, then you don’t need to cancel it. The trial will end after 14-days and no further action is required (you were not asked for your credit card details, so you won’t be charged).

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