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Optimo API test view

The Optimo API test view can be used to become more familiar with how the API works.  It can be used online, or you can download the sample code.

Step 1: As a user in Pathfinder, log in, add some cases and solve some scenarios

This step creates some data in Pathfinder that you can use in later steps:

  1. The sandbox URL is:

    1. If you have not been given a log in by Optimo Financial, please Contact Optimo Financial , and request a developer log in to the sandbox (do not use the 'Set up my log in' button on the log in page, because that log in will not give you access to the API test view)

  2. The first time you log in, if you're prompted to enter some fake credit card details:

    1. Click add ‘Payment method’

    2. Fill in the credit cards details here How to 'buy' more cases in the Pathfinder sandbox

    3. Then you can click the Home (on the header)

  3. Add a case:

    1. On the home page, click the Add new case button (if you are prompted to pay or enter credit card details, please see How to 'buy' more cases in the Pathfinder sandbox).

    2. At the start step fill in some sample data (see How to use the sample data in Pathfinder).  You can also fill in a case from scratch, if you prefer.

  4. Solve a scenario in your case

    1. For details, see How to solve a scenario to get results

  5. (Optional) Solve multiple scenarios in a case, or add more cases (if you're prompted to pay when you add more cases, see How to 'buy' more cases in the Pathfinder sandbox)

  6. Once you have at least one case with one set of results, go to the next steps to use the Optimo API test view.

Step 2: Access the Optimo API test view

There are two ways to access the Optimo API test view:

Step 3: Navigating in the Optimo API test view

'Log in' tab

When you go to the test view online or download the sample data, the sample application will look like this:

To get started, you should fill it in as follows:

  1. Environment: Sandbox

  2. Email and password: You should use the sample log in that you used to create cases in the previous step. If this isn't working, please Contact Optimo Financial.

  3. When you log in, you will be given a session id.

For more details about the functions on this tab, see Login.

'Cases' tab

One you have logged in and have a session ID, you can go to the Cases tab and select a case:

  1. Go to the Cases tab

  2. Click Get list of cases

  3. Select a case from the list

    1. If you can't see any cases, you need to add some cases in the sandbox, as described in the earlier steps

'Scenario' tab

Once you selected a case, choose a scenario that has results:

  1. Go to the Scenarios tab

  2. Select a scenario from the list

    1. If you can't see any scenarios, you need to solve the scenario in the sample case, as described in the earlier steps

Once you have selected a case and scenario, you can see all the results data for the strategy summary and detailed reports for your selected sample case (which may be a sub-set of the data that is avaialble in Pathfinder). This data can be called using the following functions:

For more details on functions, see Functions. If you are using the online test view and would like to see the code, please see Downloading the Optimo API Sample Code

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