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How to solve a scenario to get results

To calculate a strategy that takes into account your input data, the goals you have set and the current legislative rules, Pathfinder needs to do millions of calculations.

Go to the solve step & select your scenario
  1. On the top menu, click the Results step, then the Solve sub-step
  2. If you have made multiple scenarios, make sure you have selected the scenario you want to solve.
Check your input data

In the section called Step 1: Check errors and warnings in your input data, you can:

Check the assumptions

In the section called Step 2: Review the assumptions, you can review the assumptions used in the case (for more see How to see and edit the assumptions)

Solve the scenario

If you are happy with steps 1 and 2, in the step called Step 3: Solve your scenario, you can start the solve to generate the results (these steps are numbered in the screenshot, below):

  1. Click the Start solve button
  2. Watch the messages in the Solve events box - if you see any red or yellow messages you may have an error you need to fix in your input data or review in the results.
  3. When you see the To view results, go to the Strategy Summary message, you can review your results (for more, see How to read the websolve results)

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