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New Pathfinder Release (Xiake)

Monday 28th November 2022

Release overview

Useful links

This release contains some small but mighty improvements.  We've also been working on our API, and our new partnership will be announced soon!

The ‘Financial planner’ for each case is now listed on the home page:

On the home page, the ‘financial planner' for each case is now listed on the home page, to help make it easier for organisations that have multiple log ins.

The rules for allocating the ‘financial planner’ to a case are:

  • The log in that adds the case will be listed as the ‘financial planner’

  • The details for the ‘Financial planner’ are filled in when you download documents

Improved time out behaviour and removed ‘Keep me logged in’

We’ve changed the behaviour for timing out sessions for better security.  After 2 hours of inactivity, your log in will become inactive, and you’ll need to log back in before you can continue work.

This also means that we’ve removed the ‘Keep me logged in' option from the log in page, because this is no longer possible.

Improvements to what happens when you delete the owner of another item

When you delete an item that owns another item, the the sub-item will also be deleted.  This release includes some improvements to this behaviour to cover some situations where the items were not being deleted and then unexpectedly appearing elsewhere in the case:

  • If you have an existing super entity with a new investment, if you delete the existing super entity, the investment will also be deleted

  • If you have an old SMSF with a new property and the SMFS is deleted, then property will also be deleted

New pages in the help documentation

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