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New Pathfinder Release (Zogg)

Thursday 31 August 2023

Pathfinder Subscription Pricing is now Quarterly

From 1 September, all Pathfinder subscriptions will be billed quarterly, rather than monthly.

If you had an existing subscription, you will need to opt in to quarterly billing. We contacted you about the next steps by email, however if you need a reminder:

  1. In September, your current monthly subscription will end at the end of its month and won’t be renewed. To continue with Pathfinder you will need to opt in to quarterly billing.

  2. To opt in:

    1. When you’re ready to start your quarterly billing (i.e. when you want to unlock your old cases or add a new case), click the Add new case button

    2. You’ll then be able to set up payments for your quarterly subscription

For more information, please see our or contact us on

New company-level subscriptions

In addition to one-user subscriptions, we now offer company-level subscriptions. This is ideal if you have multiple users in your company who would like to use Pathfinder, because everyone can use Pathfinder under one subscription.

For more information, please contact us on

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