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New Release of Optimo Pathfinder (Himilco v3)

21 November 2016

Optimo Financial is pleased to announce a new release of Optimo Pathfinder (Himilco v3)

Release Summary

New features

Interactive cash flows report

The interactive cash flows report lets you understand the results faster by letting you see the plain English action items associated with each year.

Change your own password

You now have the convenience of resetting your own password if you forget it or would like to update it for security.

Keep up to date with legislation changes

Optimo Pathfinder only ever includes legislation that has been passed in both houses of parliament and received royal assent from the Governor General. We are constantly monitoring any proposed changes to make sure that these changes are updated in Pathfinder as soon as possible. To see what proposed legislation we are tracking, see this page: Legislative updates and Optimo Pathfinder

Improved formatting in the Beta Draft SOA document

We've made some improvements to the formatting of the Beta Draft SOA document so, you might like to take a second look (but remember it's still a draft document so it will require you to review and edit the document). For more information on downloading the draft SOA document, see How to download results into a document (Strategy Paper, SOA (Statement of Advice) Foundation document, Strategy Comparison).

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