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Technical update: Age pension, Aged care, FTB (Dolphin v3)

4 July 2024


The government recently published a number of new figures for the 2024/25 financial year that have been indexed upwards by CPI, which we have updated accordingly in Pathfinder. For future years, these figures will be indexed by our forecasted CPI.

Age pension

  • These figures include deeming rates, as well as income and asset tests thresholds for the government age pension, and have generally increased by 3-4% from the previous year.

  • This data can be found on the Services Australia website.

Family Tax Benefit

  • The figures relating to Family tax benefit part A and B include maximum supplement payments and income test thresholds, which have all increased by 4% to 4.5%.

  • This data can be found at the Family Assistance Guide website.

Aged care

Did you miss our previous update?

Last month, we released updates to HELP debt threshholds for more, see Technical update: HELP debt repayment thresholds (Dolphin v2)

New assumptions: Refresh your results!

For consistency, refresh your results by clicking the Start solve button for scenarios with existing results created on or before the release date. If you are unsure when your results were created, see How to check when your results were created. Note that some numbers in your results may change when these new assumptions are applied.

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