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Annuity results

For general tips about reading the results, see the Results step.

Strategy summary step

Go to the Results step on the top menu, and then choose the Strategy summary sub-step.

On this page, there is a section for each annuity, which will have:

  • Dot points explaining the initial balance or initial purchase amount, and the last payment or balance at the end of the analysis

  • Two charts: Projected investments and payments, Projected net balance

Cash flows & Action items step

Go to the Results step top menu, and then choose the Cash flows & action items sub-step.

Click for a screenshot

In the cash flows report:

  • The Revenue section lists the following lines (if relevant)

    • Payments - if there are taxable and tax-free payments, they will be listed separately

    • Residual capital value

  • The Expenditure section will have a deposit line if an annuity is purchased with non-super money (if the source is super money, see the action items or detailed reports)

In the Action items (under the table):

  • An action item will be listed when an annuity is purchased - it will also mention if it is from super money or non-super money

  • Payments will be listed under the 'expected income and expenses for the year' sub-heading

Detailed reports step

Go to the Results step on the top menu, and then choose the Detailed reports sub-step.

The following reports may be useful (these reports list values for every year in the analysis):

  • Consolidated > Assets and Loans > (annuity name) - this report lists information about investments, payments, Residual capital value, tax rebates, and the balance used for Government Pension estimates

    • Consolidated > Assets and Loans > (annuity name) > (year) deposits details - under the main report for the annuity, there are sub–reports that give more details for how the values on the main report were calculated

    • The same reports as above are also listed under (Individual) > Assets & Loans

  • If an annuity is started with super money, you can see the rollovers out on the 'Transaction account (detailed)' report in the 'Transactions at start of year' section under the super fund or SMSF:

    • Super fund: (Individual) > (Super fund name) > (Super fund name) OR (Super fund name) Pension > Transaction account (detailed)

    • SMSF: (SMSF name) > Transaction account (detailed)

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See Annuity for data entry tips.

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