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Custom document templates

  • Optimo Pathfinder add-ons are available to paying subscribers only

  • Additional charges may apply. For a quote, please Contact Optimo Financial

How it works

You can have custom templates for Strategy Papers, SOAs, and Strategy Comparison documents.

We offer two levels of customisation:

  • Custom styles - For the default Strategy Paper, Strategy Overview, SOA and Scenario Comparison documents, we can change the colours, fonts and logo to match your house style. We can also add a new title page or adjust the existing one, and add some boilerplate text (e.g. disclaimers after the title page). See below, for an example.

  • Custom content - In addition to changing the styles in documents, we can also make templates with more customised content (e.g. different text, including/excluding certain reports). To make these templates, we will ask you to send us an example of what you'd like to do, and then we can let you know how well we can match it, and will give you a quote. Please note that if you provide us with an example that uses one of our default templates as a starting point, then you'll be working within the scope of what it's technically possible for us to do, so the quote will be lower than a template we need to create from scratch.  If we are not able to exactly match your document, we are happy to discuss your options.

When you have a custom template in Pathfinder, it will be available to use in the same way as the default documents. For example, if you have a custom ‘Strategy paper’ or ‘Strategy overview' template, it will be listed with those templates:

Some examples of customisation in the styles:

How to request a custom template




Send your information and files to

Please send us the following information (which we will use for the quote):

  • Would you like custom styles or custom content?

  • Which template (or templates) you would like customised? You can choose from:

    • Strategy paper

    • Strategy Overview

    • SOA foundation

    • Strategy comparison (with and without cash flows)

  • Do you want the charts to use the Optimo default colours or would you like to use custom colours? If so, please send us 6 colours to use (or send us your branding guidelines)

  • If requried, please provide a logo file to use in the documents (JPEG or PNG format)

  • Please provide any additional information required to make the document(s), such as:

    • A style or branding guide that explains your required colours and fonts:

      • If your font is not part of MS Word, or easily available for free, then please provide us with the font files

    • A document in MS Word format that uses the styles you would like us to copy (please note that we cannot work with PDFs because it doesn’t let us view the styles)

    • (if requesting custom content) An example of the custom document you would like. If you use a default Optimo template as a base for your custom document, then it’s easier for us to implement because you’re already using content that’s feasible for us to implement.

  • What you would like the document to be called? This name will appear on file name of the downloaded document. e.g. SMITH Jane - 2023 Dec 2 - Sample Company - Strategy Overview - Scenario 1.docx

  • Your preference for how to mark sections that need to be filled in manually for each case. e.g. yellow highlighting, comments (using the MS Word review feature)


We will provide you with a quote

For quote, please note:

  • We quote per template, but may offer a discount if you request multiple templates

  • For custom content, we will quote you based on the amount of work it will be for us to create your template. We might give you options for how much we customise.

  • We will only proceed with the implementation once you accept the quote and pay the invoice. You can also decide to not proceed.


Optimo Financial will create your template and make it available for you to use in Pathfinder for all your cases

  • Turnaround time for custom styles is 1-2 weeks (depending on how many templates you request)

  • Turnaround time for custom content is a minimum of 2 weeks (depending on the complexity)


You may request some minor adjustments to your template as part of the initial set-up cost

Will will allow one month for you to use the template and make requests for minor adjustments.

If you would like major changes, we may need to send a quote for the additional work.

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