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Custom organisation assumptions

  • Optimo Pathfinder add-ons are available to paying subscribers only

  • Additional charges may apply. For a quote, please Contact Optimo Financial

How custom organisation assumptions work

Optimo Pathfinder uses a default set of assumptions to fill in fees and returns, including interest rates for loans and cash accounts, growth and income for shares/managed funds, and property growth.

If you would like to use your own values instead, then a custom assumptions database can be set up for you. This will allow you to, for instance, set your own values for Shares/managed funds profiles, or create new profiles.

For more details on the values you can include in your custom assumptions, please see Optimo Financial Default Assumptions. In each section there are notes about changing the default which outlines what can be included in your custom assumptions.

How to request custom organisation assumptions

To request a custom assumptions database:

  1. Before you start work, you can Contact Optimo Financial for a quote

  2. Compile a list of the assumptions you would like to customise. To do this, you have a few options:

    1. You can download and fill in our standard list Optimo Assumptions for CLIENT-DATE.xlsx with your desired values

    2. If you have an existing document, you can send it to us

    3. You can review what numbers you can customise here: Optimo Financial Default Assumptions

    4. Feel free toContact Optimo Financial if you need assistance or have any questions about this.

  3. When you have them ready, please email your assumptions to

  4. We will give you a quote for setting up and will give you an expected turn around time (usually about weeks)

  5. When your custom assumptions are implemented, we will email you.

  6. Please note that once your assumptions are implemented:

    1. Any cases you add after your assumptions are implemented will use your new assumptions

    2. Any cases that were added before your assumptions were implemented will be unchanged

If you would like to update your assumptions, please Contact Optimo Financial with what you would like changed.

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