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How to enter depreciation

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How to enter depreciation for an Investment Property

To enter depreciation for an existing investment property:

  1. Go to the Property form at the Assets & Loans step
  2. Open the Advanced options section (and the end of the form)
  3. Edit the Depreciation field.  Note that you can enter a dollar value or a percentage of the total property value, and that you can change the depreciation year by year.  For more, see How to use the series builder.

How to enter depreciation for an asset that isn't a Family home or Investment property (e.g. a Lifestyle asset)

Pathfinder does not have special fields for entering depreciation for other assets (e.g. Lifestyle assets), so instead, you can set the indexation to be negative:

  1. At the Assets & Loans step (top menu), click the item (e.g. lifestyle asset)
  2. In the 'Value' field, open the series builder pop-up by clicking the ▼ (on the right of the field)
  3. In the Index by field choose Custom %
  4. In the Type percent to index by box, type the depreciation rate with a negative value. e.g. -3%.

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