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How to update your credit card details

To update your you credit card details:

  1. In Pathfinder, go to the Manage account page.

How to get to the manage account page. Click to expand

  1. Log in to Pathfinder:

  2. Click your name on the top right

  3. In the drop down menu, click Manage account

  1. On the Mange account  page, click the blue button that says 'Card on file: .... ', then click 'Change payment method'

  2. Fill in your new card details. Your card details are securely stored.

  3. Click the Pay now button -  NOTE: if you are just updating your card details, your card will not be charged.

  4. Your payment details are now saved, and this card will be used for future payments

You can update your details at any time, but you will also receive a reminder notification by email up to six weeks before your card is due to expire.

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