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How to use the 'Scenario description (for customer)' field to add notes to a results document

If you have notes that you would like to share with your customer in one of the results documents, you can use the 'Scenario description (for Customer)' field (at the Cash flows & goals step). Using this field is preferable to editing your downloaded document because you can:

  • keep your notes in one place and add notes as you do your modelling

  • write one summary and use it it multiple documents (e.g. Strategy paper and strategy comparison)

  • easily do a re-run without having to re-type or copy your notes into the document with the new results

If you have notes for internal use that you don't want your customers to see, then you can use the Scenario notes field. 

You can use this field to write a short description of what has been modelled and comments on the results.  




Write your description in Pathfinder

  1. Go to the Cash flows & goals step

  2. Select the scenario you want to write notes for

  3. Click the Scenario description (for Customer) field

  4. Type your notes in the box - we suggest notes on what you have modelled and/or some general commentary on the results. Please note that it is best to stick to plain paragraphs as it's not possible to format bullet points or bold in this text box.

NOTE: You can edit this field at any time and they will be included the next time you download a document.  You do not have to solve again to include the latest notes in the document.

Your description will appear in any results documents you download

For more about downloading documents, see How to download results into a document (Strategy Paper, SOA (Statement of Advice) Foundation document, Strategy Comparison).

At the Results > Documents step, the description will appear in the following templates in the following sections:

  • In the Strategy paper document, your description will appear at the top of the 'Strategy summary' section (see highlighted section in image. left)

  • In the Strategy Overview document, your description will appear on the second page in the 'Scenario description'

  • In the Strategy paper for cash shortfall document, your description will appear in the 'What has been modelled in this scenario' section

  • In the SOA foundation document, your description will appear at the top of the 'Strategy overview and outcomes' section.

At the Compare > Documents step, the description for each scenario you have chosen  will be in the 'Overview of scenarios' section of the 'Strategy comparison' document.

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