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How to view and download an input data report

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Input data report

The input data report has a summary of the data you have entered:

  • The 'Current situation' data - Personal detailsAssets & loansSuper & Trusts and Insurance
  • The Income and expenses entered at the Cash flows & Goals > Cash flows step.

View and download input data report

To view and download the input report:

  1. Go to the Results > Solve step (top menu)
  2. In the section called Step 1: Check errors and warning in your input data
  3. (Optional) Tick the Include error and warning messages box (this includes the error/warning messages on the relevant fields)
  4. Click the Download Input Data button
  5. The report will be downloaded as an MS Word document (the location of the downloaded file will depend on your browser settings).

You can also download the same report at the Results > Documents step in the Download Input data section.

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