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Mapping of Plannerpad fields to Optimo Pathfinder fields

This page explains where data entered in Plannerpad appears when it is uploaded to Pathfinder. Please note that this isn't a complete list of all the data that is copied.


Where it is entered in Planner pad

Where it will appear in Pathfinder


  1. Add the client

  2. Fill in their details, and click the ‘next’ button or the ‘Employment’ tab (at the top)

  3. Choose an 'Employment status', which will then show the 'Gross Annual Salary (excluding super)' field
  1. Go to the Cash flows & Goals > Cash flows step (top menu)

  2. It will appear in the 'Income' section. For more, see Income


  1. On the left menu, click Assets
  2. Click either 'Let's add one now' (if you haven't added any assets yet) or the Add asset button (if you've already added some).
  3. In the pop-up, choose Superannuation
  1. Go to the ‘Current situation > Super & Trusts' step

  2. For more see Superannuation (a.k.a Super)

People (individuals and their dependants)

  1. On the left menu, next to 'Clients'.  click the +Add button

At the Current situation > Personal details

For more, see Individual and Dependants.


  1. Click Risk Profile (on the left menu)
  2. Choose 'Yes' for the question'Do you have insurance to protect your lifestyle'  (once you tick ‘Yes’ to having insurance)
  3. Fields for filling in insurance will appear

Existing insurance appears at the Current situation > Insurance step.

For more, see Insurance.

Retirement age

  1. Go to the Risk Profile section
  2. In the ‘Goals and objectives’ section, there is a field called 'At what age would you like to retire?
  1. Go to the Cash flows & Goals > Retirement planning step
  2. There is a field called ‘Retirement age’
Any proposed itemsYou can make notes about new items in the Goals and objectives section (this is in the Risk profile section on the left menu), however note that these details are not uploaded to Pathfinder.You will need to add new items to Pathfinder manually at the Cash flows & Goals step.  For more, see Tips for creating scenarios (Cashflows & Goals step).
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