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Tax results (Individual and super)

For general tips about reading the results, see the Results step.

You can see results about your tax, both personal and inside super, in the following places:

  • At the Cash flows & action items  sub-step (under the  Results  step on the top menu) in the Cash flows report:
    • The Expenditure section lists the following items:
      • Personal tax payments for each individual
  • Detailed reports sub-menu (on the Results step on the top menu), the following reports may be useful:
    • For an individual:
      • Cash flows report (under (Individual) report) shows the annual tax paid by an individual
      • Tax report gives an overview, for each year, of your total taxable income and personal income tax 
      • Sub-reports under (Individual) > Tax report include:
        • Total Assessable Income - all assessable pre-tax income including income from investments, business, salary/wages.  Note that the salary is after any salary sacrifice and net property income is rental income after deductible loans and expenses.
        • Capital gains - any capital gains on assets sold during the year
        • Division 293 assessment - If the individual's is liable to pay Div 293 tax on their super contributions, this report will show how this tax is estimated.
        • HELP repayment - annual HELP debt repayments
        • Losses - lists tax losses carried forward from previous years.
        • Total deductions -  note that it won't include salary sacrifice or property deductions, because they are deducted from the total assessable incom)
        • Tax offsets - tax offsets, such as low and middle income tax offset (LAMITO) and low income tax offset (LITO)
        • Tax rebates
        • Tax summary total tax paid each year, including personal tax, tax in super for deposits and withdrawals, and Medicare Levy (note: Pathfinder's calculations include the Medicare levy, but not the Medicare Levy surcharge)
        • Your calculated tax, using your total taxable income, is shown in the Tax on taxable income report.
    • For a super fund:
      • Super deposits summary (under (individual) > Cash flows report) shows the tax paid on your super guarantee and voluntary pre-tax super contributions (either salary sacrifice or self-employed deductible contributions)
      • Transaction account (under (individual) > (Super fund) > (Super fund)) shows (in the Revenue section see Deposit (Concessional) item) the total concessional deposits after tax has been paid. 
    • For an SMSF:
      • Tax in portfolio (under (SMSF) > (SMSF)) details, year-by-year, the taxable income, including concessional deposits, capital gains, and the tax liability
      • Transaction account (under (SMSF) > (SMSF)) in Expenditure section, shows the item Tax paid in portfolio which is the total tax liability calculated in the report above.
    • For tax paid on super contributions:
      • On the 'Super deposits summary' (under Individual > Cash flows > Super deposits summary), there is a section called "Concessional deposits (after tax)" which lists the super guarantee tax, voltunary pre-tax contribution tax and Division 293 tax (if applicable)
  • At the Compare step on the top menu, the following comparison charts are helpful:
    • Total tax paid during analysis - shows the cumulative amount of personal tax paid (for all individuals) over the whole analysis
    • Total tax paid by year chart compares consolidated personal tax paid, year-by-year, for the scenarios selected.

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See Entering Data in Pathfinder for more information.

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