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Tips for naming items in your case

Throughout Pathfinder, you are required to fill in a 'Name' field for the items you add.  This name is used in validations, goals and in the results, so having a clear name makes it easier for you to navigate your case. Each name field has a watermark with some suggested naming conventions.

When entering data, some general tips for naming your items are:

  • Short, descriptive names are best. You can use hyphens, parentheses and dashes, as well.
  • If the case has a couple, it's helpful to put the individuals' name against items that strictly belong to one person, so it's easier to follow in the results. Some items where this is particularly helpful are:
    • Super funds.  e.g. 'Sally's ABC super' or ' ABC Super (Sally)' rather than just 'ABC Super'.
    • Insurance. e.g. 'John's IP insurance' rather than just 'IP Insurance'.
    • Salary. e.g. 'Jane's salary' rather than just 'Salary'
  • If an item is proposed, you might find it helpful to put 'New' in the name so it stands out in the results.
  • For secured loans, put 'Loan' in the name, to distinguish it from the asset. If you give it the same name as the asset, then in your results you'll see two items with the same name, which can be confusing. e.g. Call a mortgage 'Investment property loan', not just 'Investment property'.
  • If there's an SMSF or Trust, it's helpful to put this in the name for the assets held within them. e.g. 'SMSF cash', 'SMSF balanced fund', etc.

  • The 'Name' field is also a good place to note information that you can't enter elsewhere in Pathfinder (e.g. the product provider).

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