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Before using the functions on this page, you may find it useful to review the following information:

The list of all functions is here.

Description of this function

  • Get a list of cases for the current login as JSON

  • Open a specific case

List of functions

  • /service/getCases

  • /service/setCase

Two API functions are described on this page.

/service/getCases function – Get list of cases

This call returns a list of case ids that this account owns:

function OnGetCases() {
    var filter = '';
    OnGetJson('/service/getcases', {
        filter: filter

A sample output from calling the above is as follows:

  "Success": true,
  "IsSuperUser": false,
  "Cases": [
      "CaseId": 1004389,
      "CaseName": "DEMO Robert and Alice",
      "CaseType": "Web-Solve",
      "DateCreated": "16-Mar-2022",
      "DateExpiry": "15/04/2022",
      "DaysLeft": 15.105452448550926,
      "Company": "ere",
      "FinancialPlanner": "Sally Jones",
      "SDSStatus": 100000015,
      "SDSStatusDisplay": "",
      "PendingQuestionsCount": 0

/service/setCase function – Set a specific case

This call selects a specific case ID as the current case. To set a specific case you would use any caseId value returned by the previous 'get list of cases' function and call code similar to the following.

function OnSetCase(caseid) {
    var caseId = $('#caseid').val();
    OnGetJson('/service/setcase', { caseId: caseId });

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