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New Pathfinder release (Dolphin) - customise the look of the interface

Thursday 30 November 2023

Release overview

Customise the look of the Pathfinder interface

It’s now possible to customise the look of the Optimo Pathfinder interface, so it matches your organisation’s branding. This is particularly useful if you use Pathfinder in front of your clients.

The specific changes you can make are:

  • Replace the Optimo Pathfinder logo with your logo

  • Set two or three colours to replace the default Pathfinder colours of dark grey, blue and orange.

For more details, on what can be customised, please see our help docs:

And if you’d like to customise your interface, please contact us on

Notes for existing users

Improvements to the ‘Oops’ errors

  • We’ve fixed the issue where deleting a scenario would trigger an Oops error

  • We’re doing more investigations, to reduce the incidence of the this error. However, the best way to avoid it is to ensure that you don’t have the same case open in two windows or tabs.

  • We’ve changed the old ‘Oops’ page to just be called ‘Error’ and to more clearly list instructions for how to recover from it

Click to see screenshots

This is the new ‘Error’ page:

This was the old page:

HELP debt charts are reinstated

The traces in the help debt charts have now been reinstated.

Did you miss our previous release?

After our last major release, we also updated Pathfinder with technical and assumptions updates:

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