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New Release of Optimo Pathfinder (Himilco)

22 June 2016

Optimo Financial is pleased to announce the release of Optimo Pathfinder (Himilco).

Release Summary

  • Optimo Pathfinder is the NEW name for Optimo Factfinder.  The new URL is

  • New features:

    • A web solve to get instant results for simple cases (BETA)

    • Simpler series builder

    • Improved input report

    • Download any web solve result table as a CSV file

Getting started

  • If you already have a Pathfinder login, you will see the new version the next time you log in. If you need more help you can see our Getting Started Guide or Contact Optimo Financial

  • If you don't have a Pathfinder login, you can Contact Optimo Financial to request one (please note we are only offering a limited amount of logins for the current Beta release)

About the Beta Websolve

  • We have provided a limited amount of early, free access to a Beta (testing) version of the new web solve feature to existing customers and a limited number of new ones.

  • A Beta version is a work in progress, so please bear with us if it doesn’t work perfectly. We’d greatly appreciate your constructive feedback to help us improve Pathfinder.

  • Some things cannot be done with the web solve and can only be done with the Optimo Financial Strategy development service:

    • Produce a Strategy Document or SOA

    • Advanced items in Pathfinder (marked with a rocket ship icon )

  • To use the beta websolve:

    • When you have entered all your data, you can go to the Solve/Submit step and use the web solve to get instant results (NOTE: This will only work for cases that contain no SDS only items)

    • You can download any of the result tables in CSV format

    • The results will contain result tables and Action items – if you plan to use the results without submitting the case to the SDS service, you should review them carefully.

Submitting a case to the Strategy Development Service (SDS)

Optimo Financial will continue to provide high quality paraplanning services, through its Strategy Development Service, which is accessible through Pathfinder.

If you use the websolve, please note that you should submit the case to our Strategy Development (SDS) service if you:

  • Have entered any of the advanced items (marked with the rocketship icon)

  • Would like our expert analysts to make further changes to get the results you require because they are outside the scope of the web solve.

  • Would like a strategy document or SOA

Notes for users migrating from the previous version of Optimo Factfinder (Gudrid)

If you were using Optimo Factfinder prior to 22 June 2016, some noteworthy changes in the new version are:

  • Optimo Factfinder is now called Optimo Pathfinder.  The new URL is (however, if you have an old URL, it will still work)

  • Some minor changes have been made to the Home page:

    • The 'Add case button' is now at the top (not underneath the table)

    • To see the action buttons for a case, select the case, and then in the summary pane, you will see the buttons

    • You can find the price list and terms and conditions at the top in the 'Documents' menu.

  • In the case form, some fields have been moved:

    • For Secured loans, the 'Home equity loan' field is now under 'advanced' fields since it isn't part of the websolve.

    • HELP debts are in the 'Assets & Loans (section) > Loans > HELP Debt' (they used to be under the individual).

    • If you cannot find a field or section, please don't hesitate to contact us

  • The new Cashflows & Goals step is a combination of the old 'Proposed' and 'Scenarios' steps'. It has:

    • Cash flows: Income, expenses, insurance.  We no longer distinguish 'existing' or 'proposed' cash flows.  Whatever is in the scenario is what will be used.  If you make multiple scenarios, the cashflows in each scenario are independent of each other - so if you change one cash flow, it won't change in the others (although if you need to, you can change them in all scenarios).

    • Actions/Goals (section): Say what you want done with each existing item - just work through the form and choose the appropriate options

    • Add future goals (button): This is where you can add proposed assets (e.g. a new family home)

  • There have been significant changes to the series builder, which you will see (and appreciate!) when you use it.  Also note that there is a new Frequency called 'One off' which you can use for values that occur in one year only.

  • You can only enter changes in income/expenses for the first 20 years of analysis - if you need changes after that, please put it in the scenario notes.

  • We don't currently have a 'New SMSF' goal.  So if you'd like to recommend one, please enter it at the 'Super & Trusts' step (and include the proposed assets for the SMSF too) and then in the 'Cashflows and goals step' you will find an SMSF notes section where you can put instructions for when to set up the SMSF, etc.

  • For any of your cases completed before 22 June 2016:

    • They are still visible and you can view the results.

    • The first time you open an old case, it may take a few minutes to open because it is being converted from the old format to the new format.  The case should open after a few minutes.

    • If you require a re-run of a case created in the previous version, we are still happy to do so.

    • If you have any issues with your old cases, please contact us

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