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How to check your case details for an SDS case

If you have submitted a case to the Optimo Financial SDS, then you can check the details of the case in various ways:

  • If anything is required from you (e.g. accept a quote, answer a question, review results), then you will receive an email notification which will also have instructions to how to complete the action
  • On the Pathfinder home page:
    • You can use the tabs at the top of the page to only see SDS cases:
      • SDS in progress cases - this lists the cases that are in progress
      • SDS waiting cases - this lists the case that are waiting for an action from you (e.g. accept quote)
    • When you select a case, a panel will show more details for the case including:
      • Case status
      • Quote value
      • Expected due date
      • Whether you need to answer any questions
      • Action buttons (e.g. accept quote, accept results)

If you have any queries about your case, you can Contact Optimo Financial.

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