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Optimo Financial SDS

How the SDS (strategy development service) works

If you have a case that is outside the scope of Pathfinder's standard modelling, it may be possible to complete the case in the SDS. The Strategy Development Service (SDS) is a paraplanning service where:

  • Optimo Financial's trained analysts will check your data and do the analysis for complex cases that are outside the scope of the Optimo Pathfinder modelling you can do yourself

  • You will receive the following results:

    • A strategy paper for each scenario in MS Word format

    • A strategy comparison document, if more than one scenario was requested

    • The full set of detailed reports will be available to you online

Process for the SDS service

  1. Add a case in Pathfinder and enter your case data. You can solve your case as much as you like.

  2. Make sure your case data is complete and correct, including:

    1. Check the 'Solve' step for each scenario to ensure there are no errors and that any warnings and reminders can be ignored.

    2. For each scenario you would like us to model, please put clear instructions in the 'Scenario notes' box at the top of the Cash flows & Goals step. We have a list of common adjustments, and the information we usually require for each type on this page Modelling outside the scope of Pathfinders' standard modelling

  3.  Submit the case:

  4. Email Optimo Financial with the following information:

    1. The case name

    2. Any additional information you have (e.g. modelling notes)

  5. When Optimo Support receives your request, we will:

    1. Lock your case, so you can no longer edit it (so we don't have version control issues while we are working on it)

    2. Will acknowledge we've received your request within one working day

  6. You will receive a quote and expected due date which you must accept before we start the analysis:

    1. Cases are quoted on the complexity of the case and how many scenarios you would like us to model

    2. If this is your first SDS case, we typically suggest you allow for a 10 working day turn around time from when you accept the quote

  7. We may send you questions if anything needs to be clarified and/or send you interim results for you to review before we finalise the results

  8. When the results are ready, you will be sent an email notification about how to view and download your results

  9. Once you review and accept the case results, you will be sent an invoice.

Turnaround times

Since each case is different, we will provide you an expected due date when we send the quote, however as a general indication:

  • For your first case, we like to allow a turnaround time of 10-working days from when you accept the quote.  This allows a little more time for questions and reviewing, but if it you need it sooner, then please let us know and we'll see what we can do. However, we do suggest you allow at least a day between receiving the strategy paper and your client meeting so you have time to review it and ask us questions.

  • Once you are familiar with our SDS service and we are familiar with your cases, we can typically complete a case within 5 working days of the quote being accepted

  • The turnaround time may be affected if you do not reply to our questions promptly or clearly, you request changes after we have started the analysis or your case has difficulties such as cash shortfalls.

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