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How to request a quote for a subscription

Subscriptions are the better value than buying single cases if you plan to use Pathfinder regularly.

If you would like a quote for a subscription, please Contact Optimo Financial and tell us the following information:

  1. Number of advisers you would like for your organisation:

Click here to learn more about adviser log ins...

  • ‘Adviser’ logins can add cases and their name appears as the ‘Adviser’ in downloaded results documents. An organisation can have multiple adviser logins.

  • If your login paid for a subscription, it is an adviser login

  • An individual should have an adviser log in if they are responsible for giving advice to clients and they use Pathfinder data to help create that advice (either because they use Pathfinder themselves, or their support staff use Pathfinder on their behalf)

  • One of the adviser logins within an organisation is responsible for billing (i.e. has the saved credit card detail used for payments, can cancel the subscription)

  • The adviser login receives email notifications (e.g. billing, reminders about cases being locked)

  1. Number of support staff

Click here to learn more about support staff log ins
  • Support staff logins are optional additional logins for staff that assist in producing the advice, such as data entry, paraplanning or document creation (but aren’t are responsible for giving advice to clients). If a user is responsible for providing advice to their clients, then they shouldn’t have a support log in, they should have an adviser log in.

  • These logins can view and edit cases that were added by ‘adviser’ logins, but can’t add their own cases.

  • For each paying ‘adviser’ login, two free support logins are included.
    To request even more support staff logins, please Contact Optimo Financial.

  1. We will reply to your request within two working days and will also include instructions for how to accept your quote and start your subscription.

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