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Support Tips


This page lists tips and information about contacting Optimo support, and how you can help us help you.

How to contact us

You can contact us on these details for all sales and support enquiries - if you email us, we will triage your email to ensure you get a reply as quickly as possible.

Email (preferred)


1300 678 460 

In your emails, feel free to include attachments, screenshots, or even a screen recording. If you send us a long document, please make it clear which section we should look at.

We prefer that you contact us by email, because we usually need a little time to take a look at your case.

If you call us, please be aware that if it's not a brief question or simple request, we may not be able to answer questions about unfamiliar cases on the spot. If it's difficult to put your question in writing, then if you email us the case, sceanrio and item you have a question about, and ask us to call you back, we can familiarise ourselves with the case before we talk you.

What we can assist you with

Optimo Support is happy to help you learn how to use Pathfinder and understand your results. We also welcome feedback on your experience with Pathfinder and suggestions for improvements.

We can also provide the following services, although please note that additional charges may apply:

Tips for emailing support

If you have a question about a case, then it helps to tell us:

  • The case name

  • The specific scenario you are looking at

If you have a question about the results, it's also helpful to mention:

  • What section or report you are looking at. e.g. in the 'Cash flows' report, the 'Strategy summary' in the 'Build super' section

  • Any data entry that you have done which you may think is relevant. e.g. in the 'Retirement planning' section, I set the voluntary super contributions to 'Robot'

  • What you're seeing (and in which report) and what you were expecting the result to be

And some general tips to help us help you:

  • You can also send attachments, screenshots or even recordings

  • It's helpful to call the items by the same names they have in Pathfinder

  • Use financial years, not calendar years

  • If you have a question about a specific case, it's easier for us to answer your question if we can check the case. If you ask us a general questions, then we can only give you a general answer.

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