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How to set the number of years for analysis

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Setting the number of years for analysis

Pathfinder can do projections for between ten and twenty years (inclusive).

To do this:

  1. Go to the Cash flows & Goals step
  2. At the top of this section, is a field called Analysis years.  The default value of 20 years is filled in, but you can change it to anywhere between 10 and 20 years
  3. In the results, the projections will cover your chosen year range:
    1. If you choose to download a strategy paper, choose a template that includes the number of years you have projected . e.g. if you did projections for 14 years, choose the template with 'Years 1to7-then11-14-17' in the name.


  • If you would like to do fewer than 10 years or more than 20 years, then please Contact Optimo Financial.
  • Be mindful that if you change the number of years in the analysis, that Pathfinder will completely recalculate the strategy, so the same input data can produce different results depending on the number of years in the analysis.
  • If you are comparing several scenarios, then make sure they all have the same number of analysis years.
  • Reducing the number of years for analysis can help with:

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