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Troubleshooting data entry and solve issues


Possible Solutions

First things to try if Pathfinder is behaving strangely (e.g. data isn't being saved or you get the error page)

If you have any difficulties with Pathfinder, the first things to try are the following:

When you try to solve, you get a message that says 'Solve failed due to some problem. Please contact Optimo at'

Some things to try are:

  • Check validations: At the Results > Solve step, check the 'Step 1: Check errors and warnings in your input data' and see if there's anything else you can correct.
  • Check your input data for any unusually small numbers (e.g. $1/year insurance premiums) - this can affect the stability of the solver. You can either remove these numbers (since they are small anyway), or put in a bigger number (e.g. if you just put $1 as a place holder, put $10)
  • Check your case for anything with very high numbers such as very high assets (e.g. $500m+), income (e.g. $10m/year) or assumed returns (e.g. 100% growth) - If Pathfinder has to do calculations with billions of dollars (or more), then it can stop working because it's already doing millions of calculations.  To remedy this, you can either remove or adjust the problematic assets - if a client has very high net wealth, then Pathfinder can focus on a subset of their financial situation.
  • Check if there is a severe cash shortfall - Copy the scenario, and in the copy, delete all the expenses at the 'Cash flows & Goals' step. Try to solve again.  If it works, then there is a severe cash shortfall that needs to be resolved.  For more help resolving this see How to investigate and fix cash shortfalls
  • Contact Optimo Financial - often there is an issue with the data entry, but no helpful messages are given, so the support team can help you pinpoint the issue if nothing stands out as needing correction.
You get a page that says 'Oops: Sorry! Something went wrong!'

The most likely cause is you have Pathfinder open in more than one browser window. For more details, see Recovering from an 'Oops: Sorry! Something went wrong!' error message

You can't edit or add data in the Pathfinder form or you cannot see any Add, Delete or copy buttons

Make sure you are editing the case, not viewing the case:

  1. Go to the Home page
  2. Select the case
  3. Click the Edit case button, not the View case button
  4. If you cannot see the 'Edit case' button, then your editing tiem has finished so you case is locked.  You can Contact Optimo Financial to ask for the case to be unlocked, or copied to a new case (additional charges may apply)

When you try to do something, an Error message pops up that says ‘Error’

  • Your Login may have timed out.  Try logging out and then logging back in again.
Your case is slow to solve

See Tips for reducing solve times

You get an error when you try to download a document
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