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Trust results

For general tips about reading the results, see the Results step.

You can see results about a trust in the following places:

  • At the Strategy summary sub-step (under the Results step on the top menu) you will see sections for: 
    • the Trust
    • Each beneficiary of the Trust
  • At the Cash flows & action items  sub-step (under the  Results  step on the top menu) in the Cash flows report:
    • The Revenue section lists the following lines (if in the strategy):
      • Distribution from trust to beneficiaries
    • The Expenditure section lists the following items (if in the strategy):
      • Gifts to trusts
  • Detailed reports sub-menu (on the Results step on the top menu), the following reports may be useful:
    • (Trust) report gives the end-of-year investment balances
    • Under (Trust) are the following sub-reports:
      • Assets and loans report - gives an overview, year-by-year, of where funds are invested
      • Cash account and Cash account (detailed) reports - shows sections for revenue and expenditure inside the trust
      • Distributable income - shows the annual calculation of the distributable income. Its sub-report:
        • Distributable income details - shows how much was distributed to each beneficiary
      • Tax distribution - gives the annual taxable income. Sub-reports are:
        • Capital gains - for each year, shows the capital gains on units sold, and also the potential capital gains on units that are currently held
        • Tax distribution details - shows how much tax was distributed to each beneficiary.
    • Under (Trust) > Assets and loans there are reports for each asset inside your trust, showing the combined balances for all beneficiaries:
      • For a cash asset, see:
        • (Cash account) report
        • Under the (Cash account) report are sub-reports for:
          • Entry fee - calculates the annual entry fee, if any, for deposits
          • Investment return - calculates, for each year, the return on the invested funds
          • Reinvested income - shows the proportion of the investment return which is reinvested
      • For a shares/managed fund asset, see:
        • (Shares/Managed fund) report which gives an overview of the asset, and year-by-year, the units bought and sold, and start and end-of-year balances
        • Under the (Shares/Managed fund) report are sub-reports for:
          • Investment - for each year, shows the capital growth, reinvested income, units bought and sold, and capital gains on units sold 
          • Beneath the Investment - (Shares/Managed fund) report are further sub-reports for:
            • Capital gains - for each year, shows the capital gains on units sold, and also the potential capital gains on units that are currently held
            • Distribution - shows how the distribution (or income) was calculated
            • Bought in (year) - these reports show packages of shares, existing, bought and sold, and the calculated capital gains for units sold.

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See Trust for data entry tips.

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