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Legacy Input API

Before using the functions on this page, you may find it useful to review the following information:

The list of all functions is here.

Description of this function

This function has been replaced by the newer Input API function. However, this documentation is provided for partners who are still using this version.

List of functions

  • /service/pushLegacyCase

  • /service/getLegacyCase

OnLoadLegacySampleCase() function – Load a Sample Legacy Case

This JavaScript function does not directly use the API. It in used in API Test View to load a couple of sample objects in the legacy JSON format into the “#resultjson” <pre> tag. This can then be used to push a case in the next step.

function OnLoadLegacySampleCase() {
    $("#resultjson").show().html(JSON.stringify(legacyCase, null, 2));
    $("#apiresult").html("Sample legacy case loaded.");

/service/pushLegacyCase function – Push new or existing Legacy Case

This sample code pushes a sample case in legacy JSON format.

function OnPushLegacyCase() {
    var url = '/service/pushlegacycase';
    var data = JSON.parse($("#resultjson").html());
    OnGetJson(url, data);

/service/getLegacyCase function – Get Existing Legacy Case

This sample code will retrieve the current case as set by a previous call to /service/setCase, in legacy JSON format.

function OnGetLegacyCase() {
    var guid = $('#scenarioguid').val();
    OnGetJson('/service/getlegacycase', {
        scenarioGuid: guid


For some fields in the input API, a frequency should be specified. If a frequency is not specified then, in Pathfinder it will default to 'Annual'.

If the JSON file contains a frequency that is not listed in the table below, then in Pathfinder it will appear as 'Invalid' and will be flagged with an error so the user will need to correct it before they can solve the case.

Frequency as it appears in the Pathfinder interface

Acceptable inputs from Optimo legacy input API

Note: inputs are case insensitive, so any combination of upper/lower case will work

One Off

(this will apply the amount in the first year only)





Week, Weekly


Fortnight, Fortnightly


Month, Monthly


Quarter, Quarterly


Year, Yearly, annual

Every 2nd year

Every 2nd year

Every 3rd year

Every 3rd year

Every 4th year

Every 4th year

Every 5th year

Every 5th year

An example of the JSON with frequency=Week is:


        "id": 7,

        "name": "Ravi weekly business income ",

        "ownerId": 1,

        "type": "Business",

        "amount": {

          "value": 2000,

          "frequency": "Week"


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