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2019 list of legislative updates


Date released to Pathfinder


Change to deeming rates for Age Pension

17 Jul 2019 

Release notes: Technical Update: Change to Age Pension Deeming rates

"Tax relief so working Australians keep more of their money" bill

08 Jul 2019 

Release notes: Technical Update: New tax Thresholds Released

Legislated increases to super, pension and HELP debt thresholds for 2019

03 Jul 2019 

Release notes: Minor Pathfinder release (Technical update to super, Age Pension and HELP debt threshholds, update to default cash rates)

Pension work bonus

13 Mar 2019 

Increase the amount earned per fortnight not counted towards the age pension income test from $250 to $300.

  • You can see if an individual is projected to earn an Age Pension in the cash flows report (at the Cash flows & Action items step)

  • You can see the calculations for the Income test for the Age pension at the Detailed reports step: On the left menu, select the individual, and then Government pension > Income test

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