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Advanced Items (marked with a rocket ship icon)

There are some items in Pathfinder that are marked with the Advanced rocket ship icon:

If you have added an item with this icon, or filled in or changed a field with this icon, Optimo Financial cannot guarantee the websolve results.  You will still be able to do a solve, but you should check the results very carefully, and if there are issues you should Contact Optimo Financial and we may suggest the you submit the case to the Optimo Financial SDS, so our trained analysts can check and adjust the case for you (additional charges apply). 

If you fill in the advanced items and solve, you should check the results very carefully and you should be aware of the following:

  • For data entry:
    • You may not be able to input all the data you need
    • If you enter data incorrectly, you may not get an error or warning
    • You may not be able to choose options to control the results
  • In the results:
    • You should check the results carefully to ensure that they are what you want Pathfinder to do and that they are correct (e.g. for loans for shares, check that the amount being borrowed is what you're expecting, for Trusts, check the tax calculations). The best place to check this is in the 'Detailed reports' step
    • The text-based results (e.g. action items, summary text) and charts may not cover the item (although the detailed reports should be complete)

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