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Extending editing time and case unlocking

In Pathfinder, cases are locked to help us keep background data (assumptions and dates) up to date. If you would like to edit a case, you can either:

How to find out how much time you have to edit a case

  • On the home page, on your case list, the ‘Days to edit’ column lists how much time you have to edit the case.

  • In the week before your case is locked, you’ll receive an automated email from Pathfinder, telling you that have cases that will be locked soon

How to request a case to be unlocked

Typically, if your case is less than 6 months old, then we will unlock the case free of charge. If it is older than that, and particularly if it is for a client review, rather than the originally piece of advice taking longer than expected, then we will suggest you create a new case, and we can copy the data over.

If we are able to unlock a case for you, then please Contact Optimo Financial support with the following information:

  1. The name of the case name

  2. Whether you want the start date for analysis to be this financial year or next financial year

  3. Whether you would like the assumptions for the case to be updated to the latest assumptions

  4. If you know that the case has background adjustments, whether you would like to keep them or not

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