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How to copy data for a case you have completed before (e.g. for a client review)

Copy the data yourself

If you have done a case in Pathfinder, and your clients would like to do a review some time later, then you can:

  1. Add a new case

  2. Open the original case - see How to have two different cases open at the same time, since this is not default behaviour

  3. Review and copy the data from the old case to the new case

The above procedure allows you to keep your previous case data and analysis, while transferring the data lets you review the data as you go. This also ensures that your case is using the latest dates and assumptions.

Ask Optimo support to copy and update the data

If you would prefer Optimo Financial to copy the case data for you, then the steps are:




Check your case’s start year and decide if you want to update it in the copy

You can check the case’s start date for analysis by checking the ‘Assumptions’ section at the Results > Solve step. The start date for analysis is listed at the end of the assumptions.

If the start year is not the current financial year, then you can ask us to update it to the current financial year, or next financial year.


Decide if you want to update the background assumptions or not

From time to time, Optimo Financial updates the default assumptions (e.g. interest rates, shares/managed fund returns) used in Pathfinder.

When we copy your case, you can request to:

  • Leave the assumptions the same as the original case - this is best, if you want the results in the new case to be close the the original case

  • Update the assumptions to the latest version


Check the details in your original case

Check the start date for analysis - listed at the end of the assumptions at the Results > Solve step.


Add a new blank case

This will be the case we copy the original case to. After you add the case, please make sure you exit the case (i.e. log out or edit another case), so we don’t have version control issues.

For more, see How to add a new case


Email support

In your email please include the following information:

  • The case name (if there are multiple cases with the same name, we will take the latest case, unless you request others)

  • Start year: If you’d like to change the start year, and if so, whether you would like it to be this financial year or next financial year

  • Whether you want to Leave the assumptions the same as the original case or update the assumptions to the latest version

  • If there are any scenarios in the original case that you don’t need any more - if we need to update the financial years or assumptions, then it’s helpful if we can first delete scenarios that are no longer required.


Make sure you have exited your blank case

This ensures we don’t have version control issues. To do this, you can log out or edit another case.


Support will let you know when the case has been copied and ready for your to edit

Please allow one working day.

We will email you when the case is ready for you to edit. Please note that the email may have information about what to specifically check.


Review your case

In your new case, please carefully review and update the data, including:

  1. Updating balances

  2. Adjusting items to reflect what has been bought or sold since the previous analysis

  3. Changing the scenarios to reflect the client's new situation and goals.

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