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How to check a results document and helper spreadsheets

Steps for checking a document

The documents generated by Pathfinder may be incomplete and should be reviewed and edited before presenting them to your client.

1(optional) Write notes for your customer about what you have modelled and the results

You can add notes for your customer about what you have modelled and commentary about the results in the Scenario description (for Customer) field (at the top of the Cash flows & Goals step). Any text entered here will appear in the results documents.

For more see How to use the 'Scenario description (for customer)' field to add notes to a results document

2Download document & save original for reference

3Understand the formattingSee Understanding the formatting in the Strategy Paper and SOA documents
4Check for highlighting and comments

You should check the entire document, however items that require particular attention will be marked in a few ways:

  • Yellow highlighting - these comments will also be marked with ten Xs (i.e. XXXXXXXXXX) at the beginning and end of the comment, so you can search for them easily.
  • Green highlighting - these comments will also be marked with ten >s (i.e. >>>>>>>>>>) so you can search for them easily
  • Comments using the MS Word 'Review' feature - you can review these with the 'Reviewing pane'

Remove unnecessary content

Some things you may wish to remove are:

  • Sections that are not relevant for your advice (e.g. estate planning)
  • Charts that do not contain any information
6Check all content

Read through the entire document and check it is complete and correct.

In some sections, you may find it useful to use a 'helper spreadsheet', below.

7Check the formatting

Change the view to 'Two pages' and scroll through the document check that nothing looks amiss, this includes:

  • Blank pages
  • Any remaining comments or highlighting
  • The headers and footers look correct
  • Any tables that are split across two pages that could be made to fit on a single page
8Do a spell checkUse the default MS Word spell check feature
9Update the table of contents

If you have delete pages or added or removed content, the pages numbers on the table of contents may no longer be correct. To update the table of contents:

  1. On the top ribbon, click the References tab
  2. In the Table of contents section, click the Update table button

(if you cannot find these buttons, search the internet for instructions appropriate to your version of MS Word)

10Inspect the document

Inspecting the document reassures you that you've removed all comments (but it doesn't check for highlighting).

To inspect the document:

  1. On the top ribbon, click File
  2. Click the Check for issues button, then Inspect document
  3. Follow the prompts:
    1. You can ignore messages about headers and footers
11SaveSave your document

Helper spreadsheets

For some sections of the SOA, we provide helper spreadsheets to help you more quickly create additional content. Check the list below and click the link to download the appropriate spreadsheet.

DocumentDescriptionLink (click to download)

Superannuation fee comparison

Helps you make tables and sentences comparing the fees of different super funds (you need to supply your own super fees)

Optimo Financial Superannuation Fee Comparison helper spreadsheet.xlsx
SOA/Strategy Paper

Making extra charts

Templates to make additional charts that match Pathfinder's default charts.

Also includes a template for the Asset allocation chart if your asset allocation is difference from the Optimo defaults in the SOA.

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