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How to investigate unexpected results

This page has some general tips for investigating why your results are not what you expect.  You can also Contact Optimo Financial for more help.

IssueThings to check
When comparing scenarios, the scenario I was expecting to have a better projected outcome has a worse one.
  • Re-solve both scenarios to ensure that you are checking the latest results
  • Check if the same expenses have been applied in both scenarios. This is most easily done at the Cash flows & Goals > Cash flows step.
  • Check that the same insurances have been applied in both scenarios. This can be most easily done at the Cash flows & Goals > Review insurance step.
  • Check the assumptions used for both scenarios. Assuming higher or lower returns, etc can have significant effect on the outcome. The assumptions are in various places, for more see How to see and edit the assumptions
  • Check the cash reserve is the same across both scenarios. If you have set a higher cash reserve in just one scenario, then Pathfinder has less freedom to move cash to another item that would increase their projected net wealth. For more see Cash reserve goal
  • If none of the above seem significant, then also check How to investigate differences between scenarios
Excess funds are not being directed where I expect

When calculating results, Pathfinder's objective is to maximise net wealth at the end of the analysis while keeping within the legislation and the goals and expenses entered by you. As a general rule, if you choose the robot at the Cash flows & Goals step, Pathfinder prefers to put funds in super first (because the tax breaks are very generous), followed by whatever investment or liability has the best return.

  1. If there is a cash shortfall, then we recommend resolving the cash shortfall before doing further investigation. For more, see How to investigate and fix cash shortfalls
  2. Check the options you have selected at the Cash flows & Goals step - you may have chosen an option that does not allow additional funds to be put towards the item (e.g. Leave alone)
  3. If you were expecting to see funds going into super, the individual may be over some caps that restrict further deposits. For more information, see Retirement Planning and Build Super results
  4. Check where funds are actually going. The best place to check this is at the Results > Cash flows & Action items step. Some possibilities are:
    1. They do not have any excess funds, since they are all required to meet expenses.
    2. Funds are being directed to another item that will increase their net wealth more. To adjust this, either chose an option at the Cash flows & Goals step that prevents cash flows to the other investment or forces deposits to your preferred investment.
  5. If nothing stands out, then Contact Optimo Financial (if you email or leave a message, please also mention the the case name and scenario name)
Funds are being rolled back from the Pension Phase to the accumulation phase

See Understanding why funds are kept in in the accumulation phase of super instead of the pension phase.

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