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How to model loan repayments that are only fixed in some years

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Modelling fixed loan repayments

These steps show how to model loan repayments when you do not want to make additional repayments for some years, but want to allow extra repayments in other years (e.g. the loan is fixed for the first 3 years). This can be done for any type of loan.

1Add the loanThe loan can be existing or proposed. For more information, see Secured loan, Unsecured loan, HELP debt (a.k.a Higher Education Loan Programme debt, HECS debt)

Find the loan repayment options field

  1. Go to the Cash flows & Goals (top menu) > Review assets & loans step
  2. Find the loan on the page
  3. For the Repayment options step, choose 'Make extra repayments' (or for a HELP debt, 'Make voluntary repayments')
3Set the loan repayments

In the Extra repayments equal to field (or 'Voluntary repayments equal to' field for HELP debts):

  1. Open the series builder by clicking the ▼ (arrow)
  2. In the pop-up, in the 'Edit value' row:
    1. For years where no extra repayments are allowed, put '0' (zero)
    2. For years where extra repayments are allowed, put the exact number or '-' (dash) to let Pathfinder calculate whether to make extra repayments
    3. For more tips, see How to use the series builder and How to allow a value to be optimised in the series builder by using dash

In this example, no extra repayments are allowed for the first three years, and then pathfinder is allowed to calculate:

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