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How to request a background adjustment

If you would like to model something that is outside the scope of Pathfinder’s standard modelling, then we may be able to apply a small background adjustment to help you get the results you need. If the changes you request are too complex, then we may suggest the submit the case to the Optimo Financial SDS , where additional charges apply.

To request a background adjustment:




Email your request

Please tell us:

  • The name of the case

  • The scenario(s) you want the adjustment applied to (we may make the changes in a copy of the scenario so you have the original for reference)

  • What you would like adjusted - We have a list of common adjustments, and the information we usually require for each type on this page Modelling outside the scope of Pathfinders' standard modelling

  • To avoid confusion, please:

    • Mention items using the names seen in Pathfinder

    • Use financial years (e.g. 2028/29) rather than calendar years (2029) or relative years (e.g. in two years' time)

    • If you would like us to enter a future value, mention if it should be indexed or not


If necessary, make sure you have exited the case

Optimo support may ask you to exit the case, if we need to edit the case for you and want to avoid version control issues. If you are logged in when we want to make a change, we will contact you to ask you to log out.

To exit a case, you can:

  • log out

  • go to the home page

  • edit another case

Also, make sure the case isn’t open on another browser tab or window or on another device.


Wait for support to tell you the case is safe for you to edit again

  • In the email we may also add details to the 'Scenario notes' field in the case so you have the details for future reference

  • We may also tell you that in order to make the change, you will need to submit the case to the SDS service where additional charges apply. For more, see Optimo Financial SDS


Re-solve your scenarios

If we have applied a background adjustment, then you will need to re-solve your scenarios to refresh the results with the adjustment applied.

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