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How to stop a value in the series builder

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Stopping a value in the series builder

If you have a value that will stop in later years, then in the series builder, put a zero in the first year you want it to stop.

How to open the series builder pop-up. Click here to expand...

How to use the series builder

The series builder is a blue sparkline

that lets you change values over time for some fields (e.g. interest rates, property values, income).

Any field that uses the series builder will have an arrow ▼ on the right of the field, which opens a pop-up with more options. Note that the sparkline chart is only for the first 10 years, so if you want to see more years, open the pop-up.

In this example, the $5,000/year expense happens in the first 4 years, and then doesn't happen after that (e.g. the school fees stop when the child finishes school), so a zero is put in the 5th year:

If you'd like to enter values based on someone's age, you can use the Age lookup table to find the corresponding financial year. For more, see How to read the Age Lookup table.

If the amount is not happening for the entirety of the final financial year (e.g. a weekly expense that stops half-way through the year), then you may wish to make an adjustment.  In this example, the expense is $2,000/year and stops halfway through the fourth year, so:

  • In the first year, put $2,000, this fills it in for subsequent years
  • In the fourth year, the expense only happens for half the year, so enter $1,000 (i.e. half of $2,000)
  • In the fifth year, the expense doesn't happen any more, so put zero (this will automatically fill it in for subsequent years)

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