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Investment Property results

For general tips about reading the results, see the Results step.

You can find out more about the investment property results in the following places:

  • At the Strategy summary sub-step (under the Results step on the top menu) you will see sections for:
  • At the Cash flows & action items  sub-step (under the  Results  step on the top menu):
    • The Cash flows report > Revenue section lists the following lines (if in the strategy):
      • Rental income received from the property
      • Proceeds of the property, if it is sold
    • The Cash flows (report) > Expenditure section lists the following items (if in the strategy):
      • Running expenses of the property
      • Disposal costs, if the property is sold
      • Acquisition costs and purchase price, if the property is purchased
    • In the Action items, there will be details in years where a property is bought or sold.
  • Detailed reports sub-menu (on the Results step on the top menu), the following reports may be useful (these reports list values for every year in the analysis):
    • Consolidated > Assets and Loans > (investment property name) - this report lists information about the property value, loan, LVR and offset.  It also has sub-reports for more details.
    • Property buy and sell summary (under Consolidated) - this gives an overview of all the properties in the case, whether they are owned or not, and what year they are bought or sold
    • Loans repayment summary and Loans borrowing summary (under Consolidated) - this gives an overview of all the loans in the case, and year-by-year, the loan balance, loan repayment, interest, and minimum repayment.

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See Investment Property for data entry tips, or these links for more tips: 

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