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Lifestyle asset

What should be entered as a Lifestyle asset

  • Lifestyle Assets are only needed for calculating government Age Pension entitlements, so if the case will not include any Age Pension calculations (e.g. because the individuals will still be under 65 at the end of the 20 year analysis), you do not need to enter any lifestyle assets.

  • The following should be added as a Lifestyle Asset:

    • Antiques

    • Artwork

    • Boats

    • Household contents

    • Jewellery

    • Motor Vehicles

    • Any other items that will be assessed for an Age Pension entitlement that are not entered elsewhere in Pathfinder (e.g. assets)

  • (error) Do not enter as a Lifestyle asset:

    • Assets that have been added elsewhere - If you have already entered the asset under a different category (e.g. Family home, cash), it does not need to be entered again here.

How to add a Lifestyle Asset

  • To add a Lifestyle Asset, go to the Current situation (top menu) step and then the Assets & Loans sub-step (on the top menu), then click the Add Assets button (on the left menu)

Modelling options for Lifestyle assets

Estimate government Age pension

Government Age Pension payment estimates are included by default in all cases. For more, see How to include or exclude the Government Age Pension

Assume the asset value increases

To do this, for the value field, adjust the series builder 'Index by' field. For more information, see How to use the series builder

Assume the asset value depreciates

To do this, adjust the Value field with the instructions in How to enter depreciation.

Purchase or sale of lifestyle assets

If you are buying or selling lifestyle assets (e.g. car purchase), you can enter it as a Cash flows, rather than a Lifestyle asset:

  1. Go to the Cash flows step (Under Cash flows & Goals) 

  2. Add lifestyle asset purchases as an Income

  3. Add lifestyle asset sales as an Expense

Please note:

  • You can choose the frequency as 'One off' and then choose the 'start year' as the year the sale and purchase happens.

  • In the results, we don't report cash flows in the action items, but you will be able to see it in the 'Cash flows' report table.

Results for Lifestyle assets

Lifestyle assets are only used to estimate the Age Pension. For more, see Retirement Planning and Build Super results.

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