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How to generate an SOA using Dash


These instructions are for Dash users wanting to use their Pathfinder case results in generating a Dash Statement of Advice document.


In order to export Pathfinder results and generate a document, you will need to have:

Generating the Dash SOA

Add the ‘Dash SOA Wizard’ app

In Dash, make sure that you have added the app called ‘Dash SOA Wizard’.

To do this:

  1. Log in to Dash. Go to ‘Store’ > ‘Apps’

  2. Find the ‘Dash SOA Wizard’ app and subscribe to it

  3. Then, go to ‘Store’ > ‘Subscriptions’

  4. Add a license to your Dash account

For more help with installing apps in Dash, please contact Dash. Your set up may depend on whether or not you are an admin in Dash.

Save the results to Dash and create Dash SOA

First save your results in Dash:

  1. Log in to Dash

  2. Go to ‘Contacts’

  3. Select the same contact used for the case

  4. In the top right, select the grid icon ‘Apps’, then click ‘PathFinder’, ‘Launch’, ‘Save to Dash’ next to the case:

    1. Note: You can only save results for Pathfinder cases if you have also pushed the original data from Dash to Pathfinder.

  5. Close the app with the top right button.

Then, prepare the Dash SOA:

  1. In the top right, select the grid icon ‘Apps’, ‘Dash SOA Wizard’, ‘Launch’.

    1. Go through and fill out the form with your SOA details regarding Goals, Strategies, Fees, and optional sections. 

    2. In the top right, click ‘Save to CRM’ when you are done.

    3. Close the app with the top right button.

Then, generate the Dash SOA

  1. For the contact, on the right, click ‘Generate document’.

    • Select the template ‘DASH SOA Template_DynamicDocs’

    • Click on ‘Select Optimo Pathfinder Scenarios’, choose the scenario you have saved, then click ‘Next’.

    • Click on ‘Select SoA Wizard Scenarios’, choose the one you have completed, then click ‘Next’.

    • Adjust any other options as needed, then at the bottom, click ‘Generate document’.

  2. Check your Dash SOA

  3. Once the document is generated after a few minutes, you will be notified by the top right bell icon ‘Notifications’. Click the notification to view the SOA.

    • Alternatively, you can access your SOA in ‘Documents’ > ‘History’.

Where Pathfinder results are shown in the Dash SOA

The Pathfinder results of your scenario appear in two sections of the Dash SOA document: ‘Projected outcomes’ and ‘Appendix: Projections’.

  • 'Projected outcomes' contain text and charts, taken from Pathfinder's 'Results > Strategy summary' step of your scenario. You are able to edit these charts' style and data (by right-clicking the plot area and selecting 'Edit data') within the document.

  • 'Appendix: Projections' contain data tables taken from the Pathfinder's 'Results > Detailed reports' step of your scenario. These include the Cash flows, Assets & loans, Super deposits summary, as well as Assets & Loans balances for other included entities (Trusts, SMSFs).

The other sections of the Dash SOA document use the Contact's data in Dash. As such, these sections that do not use Pathfinder results will not reflect changes made to your Pathfinder scenario. For example, if you change the value of the Family home in the Current situation > Assets & loans step in Pathfinder, then solve and save these results to Dash to generate an SOA, the Dash SOA's 'Your Assets & Liabilities' pie chart and 'Assets & Liabilities' section will not show the new value because it uses the original value that was entered in Dash.


  • If you come across an error stating “Create case failed - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials” while attempting ‘+New case’ in the Pathfinder app, it may be because your Pathfinder account does not have a subscription. To sign up for a subscription, please see Subscription FAQs .

  • If you cannot see the results for a contact, then:

    • Make sure that you have pushed the case data to Pathfinder. You can only save results for Pathfinder cases if you have also pushed the original data from Dash to Pathfinder.

    • Make sure you have solved the scenario in Pathfinder

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