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How to push data from Dash to Pathfinder

These steps only apply if you are using the Dash integration with Pathfinder.

If you are using the Dash integration, these are the steps to save a Contact's data (including their partner) as a case in Pathfinder.

Before you can do this step, you need to have set up your logins and subscriptions. For more details, please see Overview of using Dash and Pathfinder




In Dash, enter the data for your contact

  1. Log in to Dash

  2. Go to ‘Contacts’ and create or select your desired contact

If you require help for adding contacts in Dash, please contact Dash. For some specific information about the mapping of data between Dash and Pathfinder, see Mapping of Dash fields to Optimo Pathfinder fields


In Dash, make sure you have added the ‘Pathfinder’ app

  1. Log in to Dash.

  2. Go to ‘Store’ > ‘Apps’

  3. Find the ‘Pathfinder’ app and subscribe to it

  4. Then, go to ‘Store’ > ‘Subscriptions’

  5. Add a license to your Dash account

For more help with installing apps in Dash, please contact Dash. You may have already done this installing as part of setting up your log ins. If not, check with Dash for how to add and subscribe to an app. Your set up may depend on whether or not you are an admin in Dash.


In Dash, push the the case to Pathfinder

  1. In Dash, open the Pathfinder app

  2. Select your contact

  3. Click the 'Save to Pathfinder' button


  1. In Dash, select the grid icon ‘Apps’

  2. Then click ‘PathFinder’ > ‘Launch’ > ‘+New case’.


  1. If you get an error saying that you need an active subscription, see How to sign up for a subscription trial

  2. If you are prompted to enter your Pathfinder password, and can't remember it, then you can reset it in Pathfinder. For more, see How to reset your password

  3. If you get an error saying your login needs to be connected, please Contact Optimo Financial

  4. If you get a message like ‘title’:Unsupported member ‘title’', then it means that in your contact, you need to fill in the ‘Title’ field (or whichever field is mentioned in the the message. Please note that if you’ve chosen ‘Professor’ as the ‘title', then this isn’t possible to push to Pathfinder, so choose another option.


Find your case in Pathfinder

Once you have pushed your case, there are two ways to find your case:

  1. From Dash, after you have saved the case, you can click the 'Created on' link to take you to the case in Pathfinder

  2. Go straight to Pathfinder:

    1. Log in to Pathfinder. For more, see How to log in to Optimo Pathfinder

    2. On the home page, your case will be listed

    3. Select the case and click Edit case (not 'View case')

Next steps

See How to check data imported from Dash

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