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Individual's results

For general tips about reading the results, see the Results step.

You can see an overview of results for each individual in the following places. There are sub-reports under these reports that give further detail:

  • At the Strategy summary sub-step (under the Results step on the top menu), sections that are relevant for the individual will have their name in the title (e.g. Claire Jones: Retire)
  • Detailed reports sub-menu (on the Results step on the top menu), the following reports may be useful:
    • (Individual) report, that is, the top report for an individual - this gives an overview of the individual's assets and loans at the end of each financial year
    • Under the (Individual) report are the following sub-reports:
      • Assets and loans report which shows assets and loans outside super in more detail. For assets, it also gives the percentage breakup for investments.
      • Cash flows and Cash flows (detailed) reports show, projected revenue and expenditure. In each year, revenue should equal expenditure, however, in years where there is projected to be a cash shortfall, this will be reported as well.
      • Client information report gives details about the individual (e.g. age, life expectancy), your projected start and end-of-year asset balances, income, and how these are used in various tests, such as, the super co-contribution test
      • Government pension report - if the individual receives a government pension, this report will show the outcome of annual pension tests and pension payments
      • Super fund balances report gives the end-of-year balances for super funds, including SMSFs, and, additionally, shows the balances in the accumulation phase and pension phase
      • Tax report gives an overview of how personal income tax is calculated for each year
      • (Super fund) and (SMSF) reports - for each super fund or SMSF, the top report gives, at the end of each year, your projected total balance, along with the balances in the accumulation phase and pension phase.

Also see

Adjusting your results

If you would like to change something in the results or make another scenario for comparison, you need to change your input data and solve again. See Individual for data entry tips.

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