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How to sign up for a subscription trial

What is a trial subscription

  • A trial subscription lets you add unlimited cases and use Pathfinder’s full modelling fuctionality for 14 days

  • No credit card is required

  • If you have never had a subscription before, you will be eligible for a trial subscription.

  • At the end of the trial, if you want to keep editing your cases or add new ones, you can sign up for a paid subscription or purchase single cases.

To sign up for a trial subscription:

  1. Log in to Pathfinder

  2. Click the Add new case button

  3. You will be taken to a payment page where you will see the subscription option with a 14-day trial available (if the 14-day trial option isn’t visible, then it means you have already used your trial)

  4. At the end of the trial, your cases will be locked.  If you want to edit any of these cases after they have been locked, you can:

    1. Start a paid subscription - this will unlock any cases from the trial that are less than 90 days old

    2. Buy a single case and add it, then Contact Optimo Financial and ask to have the data from the locked case copied to your new case

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